Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Pudding's Party

"When Yorkshire Pudding won £7.5 million pounds on the UK National Lottery, he decided to host a party specifically for all the bloggers he had encountered on the web in the previous twelve months. All transport and accommodation costs were paid for and Mr Pudding even arranged to cover wage costs with the employers of any bloggers who were actually in work."

I'm in this story. I guest-star as a tempestuous eye-lash flutterer. Read on:

Pudding's Party

At some point in the evening, I got a bit carried away...


Yorkshire Pudding said...

The outfit you wore that night was so sexy but I'm glad I had a tin opener nearby. Your face turned green with envy when you saw me making out with Friday's Web... or was it those many cocktails you consumed just because they were free? You're right, you did get a bit carried away my dear - literally - by the Sheffield paramedics who later gave you a stomach pump at the hospital.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Yorkshire Pudding, my dear, my face turned green because I bit into what I thought was a curried-lamb canape but turned out to be a small piece of steak-and-kidney pie on a cracker. You KNOW I can't stomach organ meat (no pun intended). Like most parents of young children, I had two drinks and went promptly to bed. Perhaps it was one of my doubles or triples (viewed behind me in the photo) who ended up going to the Sheffield hospital?