Friday, April 07, 2006

Good things

Thank you, all, for your good wishes about Bede's mother and continued encouragement to write stories. I haven't responded yet to all of your comments, but I will-- if not today, than this weekend. Even though my comments on your blogs are a bit sparse this week, I do check your blogs on a daily basis.

Brad the Gorilla has been rather quiet this week, I've noticed. He claims that he has sore pads on all of his fingers and toes from working diligently on his memoirs, but lately I've caught him playing Laser Squad Nemesis and Ultracorps quite a bit on Bede's computer.

Today's Booktalk Friday is more along the lines of my hopping up and down, saying "Read it- Read it- Read it!" than something I'd do for a formal booktalk. So much of what I do in terms of reader's advisory is informal booktalking.

Good things this week:

1)Bede's mother is finally at home on bed-rest.

2)Lucia has just been accepted to the Waldorf preschool we hoped she'd attend starting in September.

3)While we're sad that our Family Resources Coordinator is leaving Boyer Children's Clinic one month before Lucia's last day, the FRC is going to be principal of a school that will need a part-time children's librarian. Potentially, I will be able to do some work for the school in the capacity that I can bring Lucia with me on days she doesn't have preschool.

4)The House of Glee (sans Ulric) will travel to New Jersey and New York this June to visit relatives. On the way back, we will travel cross-country by train. (Note to potential house-robbers: there will be people checking up on our house and cats on a continual basis, and if you find yourself on Ulric's bad side, I pity you.) We'll be staying in New York City three days and Yonkers the rest of the time. Will you be around NYC then? If so, email me and we can meet for coffee and real pierogies.


Lone Star Ma said...

Oh, wow! Those are good things! Yay for Bede's mom!

And pre-school for Lucia! Even though my kids are more the Montessori type, I have always liked the idea of Waldorf pre-school. So cool!

And a part-time children's librarian gig at a school! Wow! That is just wonderful! (The sort of wonderful that helps pay for pre-schol, no less! Groovy!) Being a school librarian is a bit of a fantasy of mine.

Phil said...

We'll be staying in New York City three days and Yonkers the rest of the time.

Yonk! Yonk yonk yonk! Yonk yonk, yonk YONK!

Try not to get overwhelmed by the call of the wild Yonkers. That time of year is mating time for them, so expect to hear a lot of them.


Phil said...

Also, good to hear good news.

Yonk yonk!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Lone Star Ma: Thanks! I like those "Montessori-types" too.

Phil: I read your comments aloud to Bede and said, "I think Phil is sillier than I am."

Bede replied, "Phil has a silly streak, but I still think you're sillier."

I said, "I suppose Phil wouldn't dump a bowl of spaghetti on his head if he thought he could get a laugh out of it."

Bede asked,"Would you dump a bowl of spaghetti on your head?

I said, "Well, I'd wait until the cooked spaghetti had cooled off, first."

Phil said...

It's not my fault that "Yonkers" is such a silly-sounding word.

I would be rather unlikely to dump spaghetti on my head, it's not really my style.


Phil said...

Oh also, if you read it out loud, you have to give a good goose-honk sound to "yonk". Imagine you're Harpo Marx, tooting his horn.

Yonk yonk!