Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ansible, Lodestar Resonator, and "TIC"

I had thought it was Orson Scott Card who had created the idea of the ansible (my less-eloquent "instantaneous communicator"). I just found out the concept in science-fiction was created by Ursula K. LeGuin. A number of other authors have picked up on it as well, including Philip Pullman, who calls it a "lodestar resonator." I'm calling mine the TIC. Now, we just need someone to develop it. Some crazy genius, perhaps.


Lady K said...

Wasn't the most primitive ansible some string between a couple of soup cans? That was really cool when I was a kid. GOD I feel old.

BTW, saw your book recommendation at nonny's. I now know what I'll do with the Barnes & Noble gift card I got for Christmas.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Lady K,
That primitive ansible makes total sense! Thanks so much. Even though I said I wasn't going to get involved in technobabble (mostly because I get so caught up in plausibility that I stymie myself. Hey, science-fiction always has an out if it gets too cumbersome: fantasy!) I can see a joke about the "String Theory" cropping up somewhere in the story. Thanks so much! You just reaffirmed why I stick my neck out to post my creative writing bits rather than sequestering them away.

Nonny said...

I think your the crazy genius. I am totally hooked on this story. Seriously, your imagination is awe inspiring.

HitManJ said...

I'm REALLY into this story. It has the potential to be a 3 or 4 season mini-series!

Each week we learn more about the past as well as discovering the futre.

I've started launching AOL CDs into low-earth orbit in the hopes that they will break away and be collected by other species. Maybe we will be able to chat during their 300 free hours!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Nonny: Thanks! I read your "imaginary memory" on Lady K's blog, and I've got to say, YOUR imagination is awe-inspiring. Hem hem.:)

Hitman J: I'm learning as we go, too, i.e. I'll get an idea when I'm just waking up, and then write a few paragraphs about it. I'm really glad you're all enjoying this story. I am, too. Ideas are welcome. Criticisms are... okay, they're welcome too, but later on. Right now, I just need to write the stories as they come, and worry about editing when they're actually out there on paper. (Yes, I am still fond of paper. I love paper.)

Lone Star Ma said...

I love it. Which LeGuin book?