Thursday, January 05, 2006

Beatle George

There were always Beatles records in my house, as both my mother and Aunt Brigit were big Beatles fans. However, I didn’t get the Beatles “bug” until the summer after my freshman year of college, when I was 19. That fall, I proceeded to drive my roommate crazy with non-stop Beatles music, and she returned the favor with non-stop country-western music. Ultimately, I learned to like some country-western music purely for self-preservation purposes, but that’s another story.

George Harrison was my favorite Beatle. I’d like to say he was my favorite because he was the lead-guitarist, or because he was the “quietest,” but really, it was the eyebrows. (For the record, Bede has eyebrows similar to George Harrison’s.) To celebrate my fandom, I made a little “Beatle George” dolly. A friend of mine remarked dryly that he thought Beatle George looked more like an Amishman than a member of the Fab Four, but I was undeterred, and went on to make a quirky Ringo dolly for a friend of mine.

Beatle George showed up in the box of stuff my mom sent me a month ago as part of her efforts to clean out her house of sacred objects.* When Lucia saw Beatle George, she grabbed him and wouldn’t let go. She cried when I borrowed the dolly long enough to take a photo. "Now, there’s a fan," I said.

Three weeks later, I found Beatle George under Lucia's bed.

*This is a household term which refers to the proliferation of meaningful material possessions that we don't want to store anymore but can't throw away, and find it hard to give them to the thrift stores, so we try to fob them off on our friends as "sacred objects."


Nonny said...

I think it definitely looks like George. My folks were huge Beatles fans. The first album I ever got was a Beatles album. I still have it. You've inspired me to dig out this "sacred object".

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Excellent! Which one was it? By the way, I just remembered that, as a teenager, one of my cousins took all of his mother's vintage Beatles records and traded them in for a couple of punk albums. This would have not been so shocking had he actually consulted his mother first.

She was not happy.

Lone Star Ma said...

Great doll. Lone Star Pa is the biggest Beatles fan in the multiverse. He even looks like George Harrison. We have a Beatles poster in our bathroom (yes, in our bathroom) and the Lone Star Baby points to George and says "Daddy!" The Lone Star Girl used to get in trouble at daycare when she was little because of an incendiary game she had invented called The Sea of Monsters.

A friend of mine's three-year-old daughter may be the reincarnation of John Lennon. For many months, she would not answer to anything but John, wrote it all over the place although no one remembered teaching her how to write and spoke cryptically about her childhood in England. She's all about the yellow submarine, too.

Lady K said...

Akelda, one of the very first albums (yes, and I do mean vinyl) I acquired from my parents' collection was an original Beatles album. I think it was "A Hard Days Night" I played it till it wore as thin as a wafer. It still resides in my old vinyl album collection. Ringo was my favorite, he could always keep a beat. Also, Brad reminds me of him in some strange way. Wow you just opened a floodgate of great memories for me. THANK YOU!

Lady K said...

P.S. Nonny is doing it again, I hadn't read the comments when I posted my comment. (Nonny! gimme the brain back, for cryin out loud! It's MY turn!)

galetea said...

I've got so many sacred objects flying around, I have difficulty finding my bed at night.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Lone Star Ma-- That is very funny that the LSB thinks Beatle George is a picture of her daddy.
A friend of mine with pale skin and black hair was most flattered when his young son pointed to pictures of Neo from "The Matrix" as well as Superman, and said, "Daddy!"

Lady Hearteater-- Do you still own a turntable? If so, may I come over and play my one vinyl record on it?! Hurrah for the Beatles. With all due respect to Elvis, I'm a Beatle-girl.

Galetea-- Why am I not surprised? I imagine your canalboat is simply dripping with jewels out the windows.:)

Lady K said...

Akelda: YES I DO still own a turntable, with a DIAMOND needle! It's been said that they never wear out if you take really good care of them, which I do, despite the amount of dust down here. You are MORE than welcome to come over and play your vinyl any time you want. And I'm with YOU, honey. LONG live the Beatles...Big smiles here, honey. BIG. :-D