Friday, November 18, 2005

What Else is Love? Heather Kropf

What Else is Love, the new album by my friend, Heather Kropf, is finally complete and awaiting its official release on December 10. On Heather's website, you can download "Wish," a song off the new album, listen to short clips of other songs, and check out her earlier album, Sky (available for download from a couple of different music sites.)

Heather is the kind of unpretentious musician who is just as comfortable singing silly songs with her friends as she is working in a recording studio or on-stage live. Heather was the one who rearranged my parody* of Simon and Garfunkel's "El Condor Pasa" for a coffee-house performance. She has been an inspiration to me musically, not to mention a powerful influence in the ways of the Silly Side of the Force. If you don't believe me, just ask her to play Would You Rather.... She always gives me a run for my money.

Speaking of money, I am not getting paid to plug Heather's new album, nor did she ask me to mention the new album on my blog. However, I will not complain if, in an overwhelming rush of gratitude (and high level of cd sales), she brings her band to tour the Pacific Northwest.

*Here's the parody:

I'd rather be Paul Simon than Dan Quayle,
Yes I would, if I could, I surely would.
I'd rather eat a bagel fresh than stale,
Yes I would, etc.

Awake, I'd rather stay awake,
Than fall asleep, by counting sheep.
A Pan whose pipes are clean and sound
Does not exist, cannot be found, cannot be found.

I'd rather be a florist than chop meat,
Yes I would, etc.
I'd rather not give birth nor be in heat,
Yes I would, etc.

A steak, I'd rather have a steak,
Than squash and peas with anti-freeze,
And spam and tripe cannot compete,
With eating cake, and rubbing feet, and rubbing feet.

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lori said...

You made me laugh out loud at my desk with that Simon and Garfunkle parody! Now my Greatest Hits album will always provoke a moment of laughter that I'll need to explain.