Saturday, September 24, 2005

Future Busker of Cascadia

A month ago, I wrote that Bede had found at a garage sale a guitar for me for $10.00 USD. What I didn't know at the time was that the neck of the guitar was bent, rendering two out of six strings untunable. I gave the guitar to another parent on my neighborhood email group who wanted a stringed instrument for his toddler son. The quality of the instrument wasn't as important as the parent getting his son to play something other than his parent's guitar.

Today, I came home from my monthly Meeting of the Minds* to find a guitar case in the living room. Bede had gone to another multi-family yardsale and found a guitar that the seller's father had bought for her. In essence, it had never been played, and had lingered in storage until the day of the yardsale. "This guitar cost more than 10 dollars," Bede informed me, but would not say more. I have gathered that we will be eating rice and beans (or the Cascadian equivalent) for the next few months. It's too bad I don't already know how to play guitar, because then I could earn a few coins as a busker in Pioneer Square. (Getting people to pay me to stop playing "Peter Gunn" on one string is not cricket!)

Now I must compose a real ode to Bede (on the guitar! or on the ocarina.) However, Bede has gently reminded me that now we need to clean the house before friends come over tonight. So it goes. As Richard Wilbur wrote, "Love calls us to the things of this world."

*Not its real name. Some of my friends get together once a month to talk about what we're reading, thinking, planning, etc. We have tea, scones and other yummy treats to fuel our fervent discussions.


MICHELLE said...

hey, thanks for letting me know about that lewd comment thing. i was kinda wondering what kind of people visited my blog for a minute there.

you have a very interesting site!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Thanks, Michelle!

nick said...


In other words, good luck with your six-string antics. ;)

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Why thanks, Nick! Now that I know I have the support of the Mighty Trousers of Thor, my confidence knows no bounds. In fact, here's a little tune I'd like to play for you now (begins "Smoke on the Water," sends everyone running from the room.)