Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Siegfried on the rocks

(1) Brunnhilde goes grocery shopping for Siegfried after he wakes her up on the rock surrounded by fire. Brunnhilde, now mortal after Wotan "kissed away her godhood," is fine with no longer being a Valkyrie. Domestic bliss is hers, now that Siegfried is here.

(2) What? Siegfried wants to leave Brunnhilde on the rock while he goes off on adventures? Siegfried wants Brunnhilde's armor for himself, and is leaving her a cursed ring in exchange? No, Brunnhilde, no! Rise up, give Siegfried what-for, and then go off on your own adventures. Forget the lout. If you want a hero worthy of you, ride East and meet up with Manas or Atilla the Hun. Don't let the confines of historical accuracy restrict you. Love is timeless, eh?

Tonight, Bede and I are going to see "Siegfried." Our friends who were supposed to go had the misfortune of their car breaking down on the way back from their trip. Plus, they're tired from travel. The good news for them is that on Thursday night, when they attend Götterdämmerung, the Norns will offer a recap the first three installments of the Ring Cycle.

Thanks to Isidora for the use of these photos. Isidora is a Yankee-Brit Valkyrie with a booming soprano and uncanny talent for making vegetables taste good. She also rides a motorcycle, and draws pretty pictures, though usually not at the same time.

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