Monday, July 25, 2005

1000th visitor(s): Galatea and Darth Phil

Congratulations to Galatea and Darth Phil, who both claim the honor of being the 1000th visitor to this storytelling blog. It is fitting that they both won the prize, as they were my first readers.

Galatea and Darth Phil win a puppet show! (Cue music.) I'm giving myself a week to produce it, so please stay tuned. While I'm working on it, take a look at this puppet show I produced two years ago:

"Jack and the Robbers"

Please click on the "slideshow" option. By the way, some of you may know "Jack and the Robbers" as a variation of "The Bremen Town Musicians." If you're interested at all in the different variations, follow the links.

Hey all,
If you are the 1000th visitor, will you be so kind as to send me a note? Thanks, A. the G.


galetea said...

Ooo! That would be me! :) Do I win a prize?

Darth Phil said...

Hang on a moment, there's something fishier here than Baldrick's apple crumble.

I just read this posting, checked the number and I was the 1000th visitor.

So perhaps some form of split prize maybe? ;-)

galetea said...

weirdness! perhaps a story involving both a sith lord AND a potamus? :)

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Darth Phil and Galatea,

Congratulations! You both win a puppet show. Stay tuned. Give me a week, but probably less.

galetea said...

Hurrah! :) Looking forward to it!

Darth Phil said...

"perhaps a story involving both a sith lord AND a potamus? :) "

Now that's got to be better than Episode III!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Aye, I've thought of little else. Perhaps I'll come up with a story about Ingrid, La Contessa de la Mer (pirate finger puppet) and her friends George and Martha (hippos from the books by James Marshall) up against the wicked Darth Rooster.

Darth Phil said...

Darth Rooster? I like it already.