Friday, June 10, 2005

Let Me Tell You a Story

Tony Dowler, an old-school blogger who, in the mid-1990's created a Smilla's Sense of Snow website, currently has a feature on his blog called "Tell Me a Story." In essence, you give him a word or phrase, and he writes a story for you. I have decided to follow suit. Here are the guidelines:

1) One word (or phrase) per person per day. If you feel you must exceed this limit, use a nom de plume. Write your word/phrase in the comments field of the most recent post.

2) Refrain from offering words commonly found in spam email.

3) In the event that I am at a loss, I reserve the right to share a folktale in the common domain.

In return, this is what you get:

1) A story.

2) Another story.

3) Ice-cream (the virtual kind.)


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