Saturday, February 26, 2005

Too Much Talk

"Too Much Talk" is a story that takes place not far from the city of Accra on the Gulf of Guinea, in West Africa. It is adapted from the story "Talk," from The Cowtale Switch, by Harold Courlander. It is one of the stories I am going to tell this morning at my gig on Mercer Island.

November 22, 2009: I once had the story in its entirety posted here, but even though I adapted it, it's close enough to Courlander's that I am concerned about copyright infringement. I removed my version. However, you may read Courlander's full story here.


Linda M.R. Yaw said...

My 8 year old son liked that one!


Saints and Spinners said...

Thanks so much! That seems to be around the age when children get the jokes.

E Daniel S said...

LOVED this story as a kid ... I read the hard cover book so much that the spine split. I kept reading it until all of the pages were loose

Saints and Spinners said...

E. Daniel S: Thanks for commenting on one of my first blog posts! I've been thinking about giving this story another go, and your comment has pushed it to the forefront of my brain. I checked out The Cowtail Switch today, too.